Beauty Made Out of Scrap Metal ! Metal Sculptures

Sculpture created after moulding and forming the metals in an organized manner by a creative mind presents the different colours and emotions of this world. Metal art needs more time and accuracy but it protects the recycled materials as the metal sculptures are made out of scrap metals. The use of scrap metal is a skill in itself but its transformation into an impressive piece of art is really admirable. Here is a list of few metal sculptures from around the world.

The Knotted Gun (Non-Violence) Sculpture by Carl Fredrik Reutersward, New York, USA

Non-Violence also known as “The Knotted Gun” is a pro-peace sculpture of a large size Colt Python revolver with a knotted barrel, designed by a Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd after the assassination of legendary singer-songwriter and peace activist John Lennon. There are total 22 copies of the sculpture infixed across the world, twelve of them in Sweden. Original sculpture is situated at the headquarter of the United Nations in New York City.

Sean Creamer


Tommy Sculpture by Ray Lonsdale, Seaham, England

Tommy is a statue of a Word War-I soldier seated on an ammunition box with downcast eyes expressing peace after the armistice of World War-I. The sculpture was designed by artist Ray Lonsdale. It was temporarily placed near the Seaham war memorial but became a permanent fixture after winning the hearts of hundreds of visitors.

Lone Wolfs Photography

Alan Jones

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